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GMP Vacumm Band Drying Contract Manufacturing India

Continental Milkose uses various technologies to manufacture its products. One of the technologies used is Vacuum Oven drying for manufacturing various vacuum band dried products like malt based products and food ingredients. Vacuum Drying is a viable technology that has been used successfully for many years in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

A major advantage to vacuum drying is its energy conservation - less energy is needed for drying, cutting down on the economic and environmental costs associated with drying a product for storage, sale or other purposes. Vacuum drying processes by a band dryer manufacturer also tend to work faster than other drying methods, cutting down on processing times. Another major advantage of drying materials in vacuum is a less damaging drying process. Some materials can experience problems at high temperatures, such as developing hard, leathery crusts from heat exposure. Low heat under vacuum tends to retain the integrity of the original item without damaging it. For foods and pharmaceuticals, this can be valuable, as other drying processes can degrade quality and make the food less appealing or affect potency of heat-sensitive drug product. Continental Milkose is a leading GMP Vacuum tray drying manufacturer in India.

Tray dryers are reliable and have no moving parts, but Vacuum drying is a process in which materials are dried in a reduced pressure environment, which lowers the heat needed for rapid drying.


  • Drying all kinds of liquid or paste
  • Drying high viscous food products
  • Malted Milk Food
  • Malt Based Food
  • Malt Powder
  • Fruit Powders
  • Dried Natural Colours
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Enzymes
  • Beverage Mix
  • Protein Extracts Gelatin

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