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It's the journey, not the destination, that's important in striving for quality.

At Continental Milkose, with years of experience, we have developed an in-house quality management system. We have a SOP based working and all products arequality managed thoroughly by a competent team of professionals. All inputs i.e.raw materials and packing materials are thoroughly tested for their assay as wellas contamination before they are released for use in our products.

All product formulations are confidentiality controlled. Production is controlled by the operations team under the strict supervision of the quality department and traced through a detailed Batch Manufacturing and packing record. There is a complete product traceability to locate any gaps. Finished products are again tested before they are released to the market. Manufacturing Documents are maintained for 1 year over and above the shelf life of the products.

We also have a dedicated analytical development team which works to ensure that we develop and validate robust testing methods for accurate test results. We also carry our shelf life studies for new products.

We are evolving and adopting, upgrading ourselves into the latest standards. We are very flexible to adopt any of the specific end-user requirements.

Our manufacturing facilities are certified with the latest food safety standards and other mandatory certifications.


Certificates of Continental Milkose India Ltd

FSSAI Registered
SEDEX Certified

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Marketing & Corporate Office:
Continental Milkose India Ltd
K185/2, 1st Floor, Surya Plaza Building,
Sarai Julena New Friends Colony, New Delhi-110025
Manufacturing Sites:
• Greater Noida- Uttar Pradesh,




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