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In today's modern age, people, especially the youth, are indulging in eating junk food, which not only makes one obese but also obviates one's body from essential nutrients. We, at Continental Milkose, have shown a new way of living - the healthy way of living by offering wide range of diary product.

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Continental Milkose, is a quality conscious and environment friendly dairy caring for its clients and surrounding alike. In our pursuit to match the industry standards and to assure our constant endeavor to update our processes and systems, we are evaluated by government agencies periodically.


In Pursuit of Excellence

With Customer satisfaction as our central objective, we have learned to adopt and grow to meet the changing requirements of our customers, to give them the ultimate advantage. All the products are processed using advanced technology and strict sterilization ensuring the retention of it nutritional value.


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We possess a well equipped production unit backed by sophisticated machines and latest technology. With our experienced technical staff and dedicated Marketing workforce, professionalism and excellent customer service, we have provided our clients with premium quality products.